Discover Your Destiny


Education is wealth. Education is referred to as all the ways through which one can gain knowledge. But very many people understand education as formal education gained gained from school. Because of the lack of the right understanding of the right meaning of education, most of us do not reach at the heights we are meant to shine. The right understanding of education would be referred to as the way of holistic development of a person. Here in Discover Your Destiny, we give students what the formal education system fail to give. Students gain right understanding of success and the ways through which one can attain it. To know more about this workshop visit here.

Georege Kochu


George Kochu is a renowned Mind Power Trainer, Success Coach, Motivational Speaker and Counsellor. He holds a Masters Degree in Philosophy and is a student of Psychology. He has been trained under internationally acclaimed trainers of Kerala and abroad. He conducts workshops and training programs for students on how to set goals and find one’s purpose and how to be an effective public speaker, and for married people on how to live a fulfilled married life, effective parenting etc. He also provides services like Success Mentoring for students and for young adults