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How to Attract Wealth


Wealth is an integral part of life. Without wealth – be it in any form, man cannot lead a happy life. Often people work very hard to create wealth and they don’t see the result as they wanted it to be.

But do you know that there is a scientific way of attracting wealth? No, right? There is a science behind attracting riches and wealth to one’s life.

The first step to creating wealth is to define what wealth means to you. What is wealth for you?  For some people wealth would mean money. For some, wealth would mean their health and for some wealth would imply the spiritual wellness.

Once you have decided upon what wealth is for you, then it is the time to decide how much you want it. See an amount in your mind. If your wealth is money decide something like, “I want 10 million dollars.” If your wealth is spiritual wellness, decide how much of it you want. It is said that awareness preceded change. You have to be aware of how much you need it before you have to create it.

The second step is for attracting wealth is to  impress your subconscious mind with the desire to achieve your goal. This process is known as building your ‘prosperity consciousness.’ To be wealthy you need to think wealthy.  No one can get well by thinking about illness but about wellbeing.

Everything is created twice – first in the  mind and only then in the physical world. How do you create a prosperity consciousness? Here are some  of the ways through which you can create prosperity consciousness.

Steps to Attract Wealth


#1. Get into a relaxed state of mind by controlling your breath (by breathing in and out in a regular interval in a comfortable posture)

#2. Repeat positive affirmations in present tense in relation to what you want to achieve.

Eg:, I am a millionaire

#3. Run the clear images of what you want in your mind as often as possible.

#4. Feel the same emotion you would have when you already have what you want. Feel it deep down to your core. It should penetrate you deep down.

When you do this exercise daily, your mind begins to for a ‘prosperity consciousness.’ As a result, it begins to search for the ways to become a millionaire and you begin to take actions necessary for anyone to become a millionaire or whatever form of wealth you had desired for.

When you create  prosperity consciousness, a force that can make you capable of attracting wealth will come into effect. This power is known as the Law of Attraction. As Emerson puts it, “ A man is what he thinks all the day.”

Once again I repeat the core exercise of attracting wealth into your life.

#1. Get into a relaxed state of mind by controlling your bread (by breathing in and out in a regular interval in a comfortable posture)

#2. Repeat positive affirmations in present tense in relation to what you want to achieve.

Eg:, I am a millionaire

#3. Run the clear images of what you want in your mind as often as possible.

#4. Feel the same emotion you would have when you already have what you want. Feel it deep down to your core. It should penetrate you deep down.

Wish you all the success and wealth.

About the Author


George Kochu B Sc, MA,  is a Life Coach, Trainer and bloggar on personality development and success. He conducts workshops and coaching sessions for students and adults. He can be contacted here 


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Why You Should Need a Life Coach


Human beings are not perfect beings. We lack perfection in one or the other areas of life. But the best thing that separates human beings from animal is the fact that humans can always grow into his or her own fuller potential.

But when we observe in real life, do really all the people make advancement in life? Why only some people seem to have been advancing in life, while majority population fail to take themselves to the next level of self-development? The simple answer is: they don’t really know how to improve themselves.

This is where we all need a life coach. Well, you might ask me who, really is a life coach? Wikipedia gives the definition of life coaching as “a process of helping people identify and achieve personal goals.” So a life coach knows how to take one’s life from a present scenario to a better one through the goal setting and achieving strategies.

Why should you consider hiring a life coach?

#1. Increased Competition.

We all know that day by day, our life becomes increasingly competitive and we need to update our knowledge and our skills to withstand in the storm of competition.

We feel this current of competition in almost every field of life. Competition and need for betterment is good for a developed society and for a better standard of living. Without competition and a quest for betterment, we would have been still living in a prehistoric age.

Due to this phenomenon we are forced to get better every day. If you have a life coach, he or she can direct you to do the necessary things you should be doing every day and achieve personal and public mastery without you having worried about how to do it.

#2. Less Time for Personal Development.

Like I said in the previous point, we all are caught up in busy schedules. So we have less time for reading and listening to the personal development podcasts for making those drastic improvements in life.

Making a 360˚ change in life is like extracting gold from all the dirt mined from the depth of the earth. It is because we have to go through all the aspects of life and it is a time and money consuming process.

So if you get the help of a life coach, then he or she can give you the solution and strategies that work for you. This will leverage your success rate without you having spent a lot of time and money for your development.

#3. Less Availability of Personalized Knowledge

Even though we live in an age of knowledge explosion, we run short of personalized knowledge custom tailored for our problems. A life coach can identify our challenges and problems and can customize it for the best result.

What a Life Coach Can Do for You

Working with a coach is nothing other than getting the recipe of success. A good coach can uplift your life in all the major areas of life like financial life, relationship, career and even your spiritual life. Here are some of the things what a life coach can do for you.

#1. A Life Coach can improve the quality of your life.

We all want to improve the quality of our life. We want more happiness, more peacefulness, more satisfaction in our job or business and relationships. A life coach will contributes to the improvements in all the key areas of life so that you enjoy better health, better wealth and heightened happiness in your life.

#2. Life Coach can Increase Productivity.


A life coach is responsible for increasing productivity of his or her clients. Through the effective goal setting, planning and time management a life coach helps his or her clients to be more productive and more valuable in one’s profession and the society.

#3. Improved Income

When you are helped by a life coach in all the areas of your life, you can be sure of an increased flow of income.

You can get at least 5 times as much wealth as much as you have invested in your life coach. So there should not be any hesitation in hiring a life coach for your life.

You will have improved your life dramatically means you will be a changed and a better person for the society and for your family. When you know all the benefits you can think of from a life coach, you will never hesitate to hire one.

Famous People Who Benefited from their Life Coach

We often think that successful people have succeeded because of their talents and skills. Sure talents and skills played a role in their success but they are not the only factors.

Major success came from the help they received from their coaches. We all know that all the athletes and sports personalities have their coaches and they use the tactics advised by their coaches. Look at the famous personalities who have benefited from their coach.

  • Richard Branson

Life- Coaching Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson is an English business magnate, investor and philanthropist. He founded the Virgin Group, which controls more than 400 companies.

He was coached by Sir Freddy Laker. When Richard Branson announced to his team at Virgin Records that he was going to launch an airline, everybody couldn’t believe what he was saying, but sure enough, he went for it, and he ended up working with mentor Sir Freddie Laker to achieve this.

This is what a coach can do – to bring out the extraordinary you in you.

  • Oprah Winfrey


Oprah Winfrey is an American media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist. She is best known for her talk show The Oprah Winfrey Show, which was the highest-rated television program of its kind in history and was nationally syndicated from 1986 to 2011 in Chicago, Illinois.

Dubbed the “Queen of All Media”, she is the second richest African-American and North America’s first multi-billionaire black person and has been ranked the greatest black philanthropist in American history.

Several assessments rank her as the most influential woman in the world. She was coached by Martha Beck. Her life from scratches to riches is a stunning story.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio

Life_Coaching_Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is known for his lead character in the world wide block buster Titanic. He was coached and mentored by Antony Robbins, a world famous Life Coach. His coaching helped Leonardo DiCaprio to climb the ladder of success.

The Excuses are over


The list of people who sought the help of people from their coach goes on. I listed here only the most famous people who I never thought would have a coach.

If such successful and well paid personalities had coaches, why shouldn’t you. To surmount the many challenges life presents before us, why shouldn’t you consider a life coach.

Go ahead and hire one. You will thank me in the future for advising this idea of hiring a coach for sure. Wish you all the success and prosperity.

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How Goal Setting can Change Your Life.


Anyone who wishes to improve one’s life should master the art of goal setting. Man is a teleological being, a being who needs a purpose to live for. That is the reason why we all need goals or a aim in life. Researches show that people with goals are 10 times more likely to be successful and rich than the people who do not have goals,

The lack of goals is the main reason why 90% of the people lead an unsuccessful and mediocre life.

I would like to share a personal story of how goal setting has dramatically improved my life.

I was an ordinary boy who grew up in a little, remote village in Kerala. I never had heard of goal setting or achieving success until I was 20 years old. I used to think that some people are rich because they are destined to be so. Some people are successful because they are destined to be so. It continued until I was 20 years.

Then one day I was given a self-help book named The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma. The lessons I learned in that book changed my perception about success and being rich all around.

I learned the importance of goal setting as I continued to explore many self-help books such as Goals by Brian Tracy, How to get from where you are to where you want to be by Jack Canfield. I understood one secret to a successful life – setting goals.

Ever since I learned about the art of goal setting I determined to evangelize the art of goal setting and help students and young people setting and achieving big goals and be successful in life.

I drew inspiration from many masters and attended many workshops and read so many books on the subject. Today I am a motivational speaker and success coach, all because of mastering this art of goal setting.

If I could do it, you can do it too, no matter what status you have – be a student, youngster, a house wife, business man or woman or even a grandma. Age is only a number.


These are the improvements I had when I mastered the art of goal setting.

  1. Have a vision for life.
  2. Looking for improvements in life.
  3. Taking planned risk.
  4. Doing the things that are most important in life.
  5. Grew dramatically in terms of knowledge and thus increased my value in my profession.

You can take yourself to the next level, in whatever field you are in. Here are some tips for achieving extraordinary success in life by setting goals.

  1. Set Long Term Goals: Set a Long Term Goal. It will give you a sense of purpose. Set a big goal for your life which require you 10 years or so to achieve.
  2. Write down your Long Term Goal in a piece of paper. Paste it where you can see often,
  3. Set Short Term Goals: Short Term Goals should be centered around your Long Term Goal. Basically, Short Term Goals are the Long Term Goal broken down to small goals. In other words, by achieving Short Term Goals you will arrive at the Long Term Goal.
  4. Write down Short Term Goals as well in a diary, review them very often.
  5. Visualize and think very often how you would feel when you achieve your goals.
  6. Start reading about Goal Setting and its importance.

Remember when you combine your goals to your action , miracles can happen. If I could, you could very well too. So start today the art of goal setting.

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The Right Attitude For Achieving Your Goal


“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude for achieving his goal. Nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong attitude.” – Thomas Jafferson.

Success begins within – in your mind. Achievement of any goal depends on your mindset. And we call our mindset and outlook towards any situation or incident as our attitude.

It is important that we need the right attitude. In other words, we should look at our life optimistically. We can always find two types of people, the ones who say “I CAN” and the ones who say, “I CAN’T.” And when we analyse the success rate  of the people we find that the I Can people always are better off than the I Can’t people.

How true when Virgil said, “They can because they think they can.”

Why does this happen? Your attitude. Why right attitude plays a vital role in our life as a factor determining success? It all begins in our mind. When we lack a positive outlook, our mind begins to say “NO” to all the challenges we are presented with. What happens when you get a ‘no’ from your most loved friend for his opinion? You are most likely to avoid doing something for which you sought his opinion. Same happens to you when it comes to your mind. Mind is your best companion and when it says ‘No’, you can’t but to obey it. But what if it tells you ‘yes’ all the time when you are about to do something? You are most likely to do it. That is how people with a positive attitude succeed in life.

When you have right, positive attitude, your mind gets the habit of running mostly positive thoughts. When your most thoughts are positive, your life turns out to be positive because it is your dominant thoughts that run your day. This is the reason it is said that we all should have a right and positive attitude for a successful life.

How to develop a positive attitude?

Now we know that we need a positive attitude. But can we change our attitude from a negative one to a positive one? Yes is the answer. You can always change and better your attitude ‘quotient.’ But how? Here are some of the techniques through which you can change your attitude for good.

  1. Positive Affirmation

Positive Affirmations are the repeated positive suggestions you give to your subconscious mind in order to program it. When you continuously affirm positive affirmations, your subconscious mind reprograms itself and act on you positively. When you affirm, use simple present tense. If you want to be  a positive person use affirmations such as, “ I am a positive person, I am kind, I am loving, I am generous” etc.

  1. Positive Visualization

Positive Visualization is another technique for programming your mind for a positive result. As the name suggests, it is the act of seeing positive images of what you want in your life. If you want a positive attitude, visualize, see in the screen of your mind, that you are already a positive person, doing positive actions.

  1. Act of Kindness

Kindness is a great tool for making a shift in your attitude. Help someone who desperately need your help. Help someone who cannot return you the favor. Help someone on the street. It has power in it.

  1. Read Positive Books

  I always recommend this tool. Reading positive book can make a tremendous impact on your life and can make you a positive, kind and a successful human being. Read books like The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma, Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, You Can Win by Shiv Khera. I recommend that you should have a collection of soul uplifting and motivational books in your home so that you can refer and get inspiration from it when you are at the downside.

5. Smile



Smile has a lot of power to restore positivity in you. Smile at a child, smile at a stranger, smile at your family member, smile at your teachers, smile at your friends. Smile can bring a lot of positivity and wellness within you.

So as a conclusion, positive attitude has the power to uplift our life. It can take us from our current situation to a better one. Changing your attitude doesn’t take much time and effort. But remember, it doesn’t happen overnight. Persistent implementation of positive actions requires changing your attitude.  If you are determined to change your attitude, you will change it. Hope to see you all with a better attitude, and see you all successful. Wish you all success.


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Why should you teach your children about how to set goals?

 By George Kochu


Goal setting has been a relevant niche in the success industry. It has been proved by the researchers that the person who sets goals is many times likely to succeed and achieve in life than a person without goals. I remember the old aphorism, ” Goals to human beings are what rudder to a ship. Without a rudder, we can never navigate the ship to our desired place.

When it comes to human beings, we find that most of the people do not have an effective goal. I have seen many people who hold a degree but do not know what to do with it. They do not know where to go. This is exactly because they do not have a specific goal or purpose in their life.

Why we, 90% of the total population, do not have goals to be followed in life? Have you ever wondered? I have. And the conclusion I have reached at is that, we are not introduced into the culture of goal setting. We do not teach our children to set goals and embrace them. When we look into the lives of great persons who have climbed the upper rungs of success, we can learn that one common denominator  – they were introduced into the culture of setting goals, either actively or passively.

Indira Nooyi is a great example of it. When she was a kid studying at school, every evening, her mother would demand her children to take turn to speak like a head of a company or a great person. This gave an imprint on the mind of Indira Nooyi, an image of a head of a company. Finally she heads the Pepsico company.

When I conduct classes for students on Goal Setting, I often hear parents asking, “Why should I teach my child about goal setting such an early stage?” To them I have one answer, “Great trees are formed their shape not when they are fully grown up, but when they were young.”


Here I give a few reason why you should introduce your child to goal setting as early as possible.

#1. Goal Setting helps the children a sense of direction and gives them an internal drive for achieving something and stay motivated.

#2. Learn to do their things especially acadamics, without waiting for the last moment through prioritising and scheduling.

#3. The child learns to plan ahead for the next week.

#4. They gain a higher confidence and self-esteem due to the accomplishment they have done.

#5. We can teach them easily as they are curious and very receptive to new ideas without any prejudice, as they say, “Catch them young.”

#5. They learn to focus on what is necessary and not to focus on what they don’t want.

#6. Your children learn the importance of persistance. They learn to cope with set backs.

#7. It creates challenges to overcome and opportunities to learn and grow by tackling them.

Where can my child get quality Goal Setting Program?

“Ok. I understand the importance of goal setting. But where can I get a quality program? Will it cost me a fortune? Will I able to afford the fees? ” These are some of the concerns of parents. They do not know if they can get an affordable program. While there are many trainers do give training in goal setting, most of them are either expensive or not available in our local city. But of course there are affordable trainings available with the same quality and content of other trainers. Discover Your Destiny (DYD), led by the trainer, George Kochu is a good example. This program focuses on the maximum benefit of the participants and is really affordable. You can know more about this program here.

dyd hyd summer updated with date
Positive Thinking

John Goddard: The World’s Greatest Goal Achiever

By George Kochu

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” -H Jackson Brown Jr.

John Goddard

Most of us have heard the phrase, ‘Goal Setting’, ‘Dreaming Big’ etc. But what most of us are not aware of is the extreme usefulness and effectiveness of goal setting in our daily life in achieving big dreams. Being a Life Coach and a Trainer of Goal Setting, I am excited to see how goal setting has worked wonders for many, including me.

Here I would like to share with you about the amazing power of goal setting with a real life story. At the age of 15,  a boy named John Goddard wrote down 127 goals he wanted to achieve in his life. It is worth noting that he not only achieved most of his original 127 goals he added up many more. When he died he checked off almost 500 goals which most people think unattainable.

John Goddard Plane.jpg

His original list of 127 goals are given below

    • Nile River (√)
    • Amazon River (√)
    • Congo River (√)
    • Colorado River (√)
    • Yangtze River, China (x)
    • Niger River (x)
    • Orinoco River, Venezuela (x)
    • Rio Coco, Nicaragua (√)
    • The Congo (√)
    • New Guinea (√)
    • Brazil (√)
    • Borneo (x)
    • The Sudan (nearly buried alive in a sandstorm) (√)
    • Australia (√)
    • Kenya (√)
    • The Philippines (√)
    • Tanganyika
    (now Tanzania) (√)
    • Ethiopia (√)
    • Nigeria (√)
    • Alaska (√)
  3. CLIMB:
    • Mt. Everest (x)
    • Mt. Aconcagua, Argentina (x)
    • Mt. McKinley (x)
    • Mt. Hauscaran, Peru (√)
    • Mt. Kilimanjaro (√)
    • Mt. Ararat, Turkey (√)
    • Mt. Kenya (√)
    • Mt. Cook, New Zealand (x)
    • Mt. Popocatepetl, Mexico (√)
    • The Matterhorn (√)
    • Mt. Rainier (√)
    • Mt. Fuji (√)
    • Mt. Vesuvius (√)
    • Mt. Bromo, Java (√)
    • Grand Tetons (√)
    • Mt. Baldy, California (√)
    • Careers in medicine and exploration (x)
    • Visit every country in the world (30 to go) (x)
    • Study Navaho and Hopi Indians (√)
    • Learn to fly a plane (√)
    • Ride horse in Rose Parade (√)
    • Iguacu Falls, Brazil (√)
    • Victoria Falls, Rhodesia (Chased by a warthog in the process) (√)
    • Sutherland Falls, New Zealand (√)
    • Yosemite Falls (√)
    • Niagara Falls (√)
    • Retrace travels of Marco Polo and Alexander the Great (√)
    • Coral reefs of Florida (√)
    • Great Barrier Reef, Australia
    (photographed a 300lb clam) (√)
    • Red Sea (√)
    • Fiji Islands (√)
    • The Bahamas (√)
    • Okefenokee Swamp and Everglades (√)
  6. VISIT:
    • North and South Poles
    • Great Wall of China (√)
    • Panama and Suez Canals (√)
    • Easter Island (√)
    • The Galapagos Islands (√)
    • Vatican City (saw the Pope) (√)
    • The Taj Mahal (√)
    • The Eiffel Tower (√)
    • The Blue Grotto (√)
    • The Tower of London (√)
    • The Leaning Tower of Pisa (√)
    • The Sacred Well of
    Chichen-Itza, Mexico (√)
    • Climb Ayers Rock in Australia (√)
    • Follow River Jordan from Sea of Galilee to Dead Sea (x)
  7. SWIM IN:
    • Lake Victoria (√)
    • Lake Superior (√)
    • Lake Tanganyika (√)
    • Lake Titicaca, S. America (√)
    • Lake Nicaragua (√)
    • Become an Eagle Scout (√)
    • Dive in a submarine (√)
    • Land on and take of from an aircraft carrier (√)
    • Fly in a blimp, balloon and glider (√)
    • Ride an elephant, camel, ostrich and bronco (√)
    • Skin dive to 40 feet and hold breath two and a half minutes underwater. (√)
    • Catch a ten-pound lobster
    and a ten-inch abalone (√)
    • Play flute and violin (√)
    • Type 50 words a minute (√)
    • Make a parachute jump (√)
    • Learn water and snow skiing (√)
    • Go on a church mission (√)
    • Follow the John Muir trail (√)
    • Study native medicines and bring back useful ones (√)
    • Bag camera trophies of
    elephant, lion, rhino,
    cheetah, buffalo and whale (√)
    • Learn to fence (√)
    • Learn jujitsu (√)
    • Teach a college course (√)
    • Watch a cremation ceremony in Bali (√)
    • Explore depths of the sea (√)
    • Appear in a Tarzan movie (he now considers this an irrelevant boyhood dream) (x)
    • Own a horse, chimpanzee, cheetah, ocelot, and coyote (yet to own a chimp or cheetah) (x)
    • Become a ham radio operator (x)
    • Build own telescope (√)
    • Write a book (On Nile trip) (√)
    • Publish an article in National
    Geographic Magazine (√)
    • High jump five feet (√)
    • Broad jump 15 feet (√)
    • Run mile in five minutes (√)
    • Weigh 175 pounds stripped (still does) (√)
    • Perform 200 sit-ups and 20 pull-ups (√)
    • Learn French, Spanish and Arabic (√)
    • Study dragon lizards on Komodo Island (Boat broke down within 20 miles of island) (x)
    • Visit birthplace of Grandfather Sorenson in Denmark (√)
    • Visit birthplace of Grandfather Goddard in England (√)
    • Ship aboard a freighter as a seaman (√)
    • Read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica (has read extensive parts in each volume) (x)
    • Read the Bible from cover to cover (√)
    • Read the works of Shakespeare, Plato, Aristotle, Dickens, Thoreau, Rousseau, Conrad, Hemingway, Twain, Burroughs, Talmage, Tolstoi, Longfellow, Keats, Poe, Bacon, Whittier, and Emerson (not every work of each) (√)
    • Become familiar with the compositions of Bach, Beethoven, Debussy, Ibert, Mendelssohn, Lalo, Liszt, Rimski-Korsakov, Respighi, Rachmaninoff, Paganini, Stravinsky, Toch, Tschaikosvsky, Verdi (√)
    • Become proficient in the use of a plane, motorcycle, tractor, surfboard, rifle, pistol, canoe, microscope, football, basketball, bow and arrow, lariat and boomerang (√)
    • Compose music (√)
    • Play Clair de Lune on the piano (√)
    • Watch fire-walking ceremony (In Bali and Surinam) (√)
    • Milk a poisonous snake (bitten by diamondback during photo session) (√)
    • Light a match with .22 rifle (√)
    • Visit a movie studio (√)
    • Climb Cheops’ pyramid (√)
    • Become a member of the
    Explorer’s Club and the
    Adventure’s Club (√)
    • Learn to play polo (√)
    • Travel through the Grand
    Canyon on foot and by boat (√)
    • Circumnavigate the globe (four times) (√)
    • Visit the moon (“Someday, if God wills”) (x)
    • Marry and have children
    (has five children) (√)
    • Live to see the 21st century (√)
john Goddard sky dive.jpg

And unsurprisingly, he is called as the worlds “Greatest Goal Achiever.”  How did he do it right? Listen to his words given at  Dateline NBC interview during the 1990s. He said, “There’s something about the human spirit that when you accept challenge and work on it and have deadlines and capture your potential, it’s astounding what you can do,”  Yes it is true. A human spirit determined by strong goals and fuelled by willpower and hard work, can achieve great dreams, no matter however big and unattainable they seem.

John Goddard Book.jpg

How to set and achieve your dream?

  1. Set a big  and specific goal that excites you. It should be specific.
  2. Set a deadline. Eg. By 5.00 PM,  September 20, 2020.
  3. Visualize that you already accomplished your goal. See the end clearly in mind.
  4. Commit yourself to work. Once you are committed, nothing should deter you from achieving it. Success will be assured  to you.
  5. Attend goal setting programs like my Discover Your Destiny (DYD). Investing in these workshops and seminars not only provide you with knowledge but also will kindle the fire within you to achieve your dream. Master minding with like- minded people will save you from the uncertainties on the process.

“Most people say ‘some day I’ll do that,’ and it ends up ‘if only I’d done that.’
I believe in taking control of your life and making it really important, and having some substance and meaning to it.” -John Goddard